Hospice Friends Services

Hospice Friends provides services for anyone with a life threatening illness (e.g., cancer, multiple sclerosis, congestive heard failure, etc.). Our first priority is to serve people with a terminal diagnosis, but despite our name, you do not have to be on hospice to receive services from Hospice Friends. We serve people no matter what stage they are at in their illness.

Hospice Friends also provides services for the elderly that may need some extra resources and support. If you have any questions regarding who qualifies for Hospice Friends’ services, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are open to discussing each and every situation. If we can not provide the services needed, we can often refer you to another agency that can.

Services provided by Hospice Friends include: Volunteer Support, Supplies & Equipment, Bereavement Support, Transportation, Comfort Therapies, Hospitality House, and Vigil Services. Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of our donors, all services provided by Hospice Friends are free of charge.

Volunteers provide patients and their families the same kind of support a good friend would offer, such as providing a break for family caregivers, running errands, providing transportation, sharing information, or just listening. Learn more about the unique role that volunteers have in caring for the individuals and families served by Hospice Friends.
Bereavement Support
Painful feelings surround the death of a loved one. Sadness, anger, shock, and emptiness are normal reactions to loss. Some people reach resolution on their own. Others want the support of others. We maintain a lending library of materials on coping with illness, death, and grief and send out regular bereavement packets to anyone that has lost a loved one. We also coordinate a bereavement support group. The group is facilitated and provides a safe, non-judgmental place for those grieving to share their experiences. Please call for the current meeting schedule. We can also refer patients and their families to other area agencies that may provide additional services.
Supplies & Equipment
Equipment items such as wheelchairs, bedside commodes, walkers, and shower chairs are available for loan. Supplies provided include nutritional supplements, incontinence supplies, wedge pillows, egg crate mattresses, and bed pads. Please contact the Hospice Friends office for a complete list of supplies and equipment available.
Volunteers provide transportation for individuals to and from medical appointments, including transportation to radiation and chemotherapy treatments in Yakima.
Comfort Therapies
Comfort therapies are provided for clients free of charge by trained professionals that volunteer their time and skills to Hospice Friends. Current therapies offered include massage, reflexology, music, healing touch, and reiki. If you would like to know more about any of these services, please contact the Hospice Friends’ office.
Vigil Service
Vigil services are offered to individuals during the 11th hour of their life. Volunteers stay with a patient at their bedside so that they do not have to be alone when death is imminent. This service may be at the request of the patient, a family member that needs a break, a member of the hospice team, or a family member that lives out of town and can not be with their loved one.