About Hospice

Have you ever said, “When I die I don’t want to be in pain, alone, or in a hospital, hooked up to machines?” Hospice is an option that allows you to do just that – spend the last hours, days, and even months of your life free of pain, at home surrounded by your loved ones.

Hospice staff and volunteers help patients, along with their family and friends, to focus on what is most important to them – allowing people to spend time together, share memories, say goodbyes, find peace or care for one another. This time is often difficult yet many families report that hospice helped them to care for their loved one and find meaning and even joy in the final days of life.

Hospice care is provided by a highly skilled team of professionals. Team members work together to assess and meet the patient’s and family’s unique needs as the end of life draws near. Team members include a medical director, hospice nurse, attending physician, social worker, home health aide, volunteer,
and a chaplain

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The issues surrounding serious illness and death aren’t always easy to discuss with loved ones. You may find yourself in a situation in which you’re unable to communicate your wishes regarding the extent of treatment efforts, such as resuscitation and life-support machines. Everyone, regardless of your current health, is encouraged to fill out an Advance Directive so that those closest to you will know what to do if you unable to communicate your wishes to medical personnel.

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Because the decision to accept hospice services is a difficult one for most people, the time to learn about hospice is before a life threatening illness occurs. Below are some of the most common questions asked about hospice. Just click on the question to see the responses. Given that each hospice situation is different, we urge you to contact Hospice Friends or your local hospice provider for any further questions that you may have.

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